The growing adoption of Big Data technologies and Business Analytics solutions today has ramified the traditional Business Intelligence (BI) software landscape. While the leading commercial BI software vendors are struggling to cope with the pace of developments in Big Data technologies and Business Analytics solutions, either due to their proprietary software features or due to lack of well-defined product vision, many a niche players who have succeeded in defining a clear product vision revolving around the philosophies of Big Data and Open Source are on most CIOs’ radars. Pentaho, with its comprehensive Big Data technology support, future proof product roadmap, unparalleled data integration and embedded analytics capabilities, is leading the pack in this niche software market. Deployments of Pentaho by top industry innovators like ABN-AMRO, NASDAQ OMX, RichRelevance, esrg and edo Inreractive to fuel growth, ensure compliance and reduce costs are true testimonies of its value.

The Pentaho BA product suite as in current state has organically evolved from a traditional open source BI software to a unified, state-of-the-art and enterprise class Big Data integration, exploration and analytics solution. On the contrary, most of the commercial BI software vendors have inorganically grown their product capabilities through acquisition and partner ecosystem; the resultant capabilities although comprehensive may not necessarily be cohesive and integrated. Adding to that is the confusion added in the minds of IT teams due to overlapping product features inherent in inorganic growth which in turn is leading to delays in benefits delivery. Technology savvy CFOs are also concerned about higher TCO associated with such product portfolio. Pentaho has turned these challenges with the commercial BI softwares into opportunities and established itself as a leader in the open source business analytics solution niche.

Pentaho BA suite is comprised of two main components:

1. Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) : The Pentaho Data Integration platform provides a feature rich graphical ETL toolset to blend data from practically any data source no matter whether it is stored in traditional data stores like relational database, flat file, etc. or more contemporary data stores like HDFS, NoSQLdatabase, analytic database, web and social media streams and cloud. Moreover, it provides native and adaptable integration with underlying Big Data technologies and plug-ins for Predictive Analytics engines like R and Weka.

2. Pentaho Business Analytics: The Pentaho Business Analytics platform provides complete set of reporting and analysis capabilities including interactive visualisation, multi-dimensional reporting and drag-and-drop dashboarding capabilities.


  • Explore, discover and innovate at speed:
    Pentaho’s streamlined data refinery approach helps you explore data, discover patterns and deliver innovation at speed while reducing the TCO of IT solution.
  • Blend data graphically:
    The Pentaho Data Integration platform provides a feature rich graphical toolset for blending and enriching data from multiple sources, with or without data warehouses or data marts.
  • Leverage the power of big data adaptably:
    The Pentaho Data Integration platform allows you to integrate and analyse data sets from multiple data sources including Hadoop, Cassandra, Splunk, Impala, MongoDB, DataStax, Hive and other Big Data technologies. The integration layer adapts with changes in underlying Big Data technologies and there by ensures business continuity. It also provides graphical workbench for executing MapReduce jobs in a clustered environment. Furthermore, predictive analytics capabilities of Weka and R can be leveraged through out-of-the-box plug-ins.
  • Interact with and visualise data flexibly:
    The Pentaho BA platform provides an intuitive interface that includes drag-and-drop functionality to help even novice users to create variety of reports from multitude of data sources. Immediate business questions can be answered through the Interactive Reporting and Analyzer toolset, while multiple reports can be viewed at once through the Dashboarding toolset.
  • Deploy without platform and location dependency:
    A deployment of the Pentaho BA suite is platform agnostic and can be carried out on a single computer or in a distributed environment.


Ashnik, a niche player in the Open Source and Business Analytics solution space, is happy to bring the enterprise edition of Pentaho BA product suite and its allied professional services to South East Asia and India.

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