Enterprises are evolving and changing rapidly as they embrace the new Digital Economy. It’s an economy powered by the Internet and its relative technologies – the cloud, mobile, social media, and big data. Businesses today rely heavily on their web, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) applications to interact with their customers and keep them gratified, loyal and engrossed.

These applications are expected to support large number of concurrent users (tens of thousands, perhaps millions) while delivering an incredible responsive experience to its globally distributed base of users. They are also required to handle semi and unstructured data, rapidly adapt to changing requirements with frequent updates and new features, and most importantly be always available.

While relational databases have always been the top choice for enterprise computing, many enterprises are also looking at NoSQL databases, as the backend solutions for their new age applications, for the unprecedented levels of scale, speed and data variability it consistently offers.

About Couchbase Server

This open source NoSQL database has become the de facto standard for building systems with low latency and high-sustainability throughput. Its multi-model, NoSQL document-oriented database aims for easy scalability, high performance, high reliability and development. The Couchbase Server database enables developers to swiftly and easily build applications by leveraging the power of SQL with the flexibility of JSON. Couchbase offers an end-to-end Mobile Solution for enterprises to build a sleek and fast mobile app, with sync capabilities to a database server in their data center or cloud.

Hundreds of Global 2000 enterprises, along with tens of thousands smaller businesses and startups, have adopted NoSQL – starting from a cache, proof of concept or a small application, to now targeted mission-critical applications, and now becoming the foundation for all application development. With NoSQL, enterprises are better able to both develop with agility and operate at any scale – and to deliver the performance and availability required to meet the demands of Digital Economy businesses.

Ashnik – partner for South East Asia and India – together with Couchbase aims to help businesses achieve their digital transformation goals to meet the increasing demands of mission-critical applications and big data needs.

Ashnik’s Couchbase based solutions and services include:

Embedded Database – Couchbase Lite

  • Couchbase Lite is a JSON store which can be used to store data on devices
  • Full CRUD, Query and Index support
  • Supports all major devices
  • 256-bit AES database encryption

Synchronization – Couchbase Sync Gateway

  • Sync Gateway facilitates replication of data between the embedded databases and database server
  • Multi Master with both ways sync between device and server
  • Automatic and manual conflict resolution
  • Fully secure with RBAC, data segregation (channels) and secure transport with TLS
  • REST API for reading and writing data over web
  • Data change events allow you to be notified for server side and mobile side data change
  • Integrating Couchbase Server with Sync Gateway to be used by Mobile App developers for data sync without worrying about various sync related validations and versioning

Batch and Stream API

  • Low latency access to stream of data changes
  • Bulk get and put operations
  • Find the balance between latency, throughput and fault-tolerance
  • Comprehensive management of batch data and real-time access to changes

Other Consulting Services include like

Ashnik has worked with a few clients on Integration Services to connect Couchbase to other big data applications and setting up secure access for Couchbase Sync Gateway with NGINX Plus as reverse proxy. Other Consulting Services include:

  • Designing effective sync architecture for Mobile App
  • Providing help and guidance to Mobile development team to design the document schema
  • Designing sync architecture to build a mobile solution to co-exist with legacy/existing application
  • Designing mobile sync solution which works with existing data integration and auditing tools
  • Consultation on Mobile App design for offline online feature to optimize the performance and network usage on mobile devices

Key Features

Latest Couchbase Server 4.5 provides query tools, indexing, security, recovery, and data access.

Flexible Data Modeling
Add features by extending the data model to nest or reference data or by adding new indexes and queries on the same data

Powerful Querying & Indexing
Perform complex queries, with or without joins and benefit from a built-in query editor and schema browser – no code required

SQL Integration & Migration
Migrate relational data and queries as is, continue to leverage enterprise BI and reporting tools with full support for SQL

Big Data Integration
Integrate with Spark, Kafka, and Hadoop to enrich, distribute and analyze operational data streams in real time

Mobile / IoT Extensions
Simplify mobile development by leveraging a cross-platform, embedded database with automatic synchronization to the cloud

Multi-data Center Deployment
Operate in multiple geographies to improve performance and availability by enabling cross datacenter replication (XDCR)

Simple & Powerful Administration
Deploy, manage and monitor deployments with an integrated admin UI and automated tasks optimized for large deployments

Enterprise-grade Security
Deploy in secure environments by enabling built-in auditing, role-based access control and encrypted communications

Ashnik’s Expertise & Value Addition

Ashnik provides consulting services to deliver focused, power-packed solutions to tune, scale and stabilize your Couchbase installations. Our team of certified consultants are readily available to assist you on the projects requiring specialized Couchbase expertise and can provide services even remotely all across South East Asia, UK and India.

As a key partner, Ashnik is helping organizations comprehend the power of Couchbase through their consulting, systems integration and implementation services.

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