At Ashnik, we work closely with technology providers and enterprise users. Thanks to our methodical and process-driven approach, our services help all stakeholders to meet their business objectives in a predefined and timely manner. Here’s a glimpse of some of our key offerings.

EDB Postgres

Known as the world’s most advanced open source database, PostgreSQL offers a feature set comparable to the major proprietary RDBMS vendors and a customer list that spans every industry. Developed over 25 years by a vibrant open source community


As the consumerisation of technology has shifted IT strategic priorities from transactions to engagements, general purpose Web servers such as Apache designed for old school Web architectures are now being pushed to the brink. Thanks to Nginx which brings to the world of Mobile a light-weight, high performance, open source web application accelerator that delivers compelling user experiences and thereby improves customer engagement, retention and conversion rate.


MongoDB is the leading Document based database, empowering businesses to be more agile and scalable. Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike are using MongoDB to create new types of applications, improve customer experience, accelerate time to market and reduce costs.


Growing adoption of Big Data technologies and Business Analytics solutions has ramified the traditional Business Intelligence (BI) software landscape. And, as the leading commercial BI software vendors are struggling to cope with the pace of developments in Big Data technologies


Docker is on the top of enterprise’s list as a potential way to improve packaging and shipping of applications. Docker is an integrated technology suite which provides an open source engine to pack, ship, and run any distributed application as a lightweight, portable container that runs virtually anywhere with almost zero overhead.

Elastic Stack

Making sense of your data is an inevitable part of the on-going digital transformation where the massively popular Elastic has combined it’s document database, connector, visualization capabilities and beyond with Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana and the plug-ins. It has created a versatile end-to-end stack of open source that gathers and delivers actionable insights in real time from almost any type of structured and unstructured data source.


Enterprises are evolving and changing rapidly as they embrace the new Digital Economy. A lot of of global enterprises and smaller businesses and startups, have adopted NoSQL. Couchhbase, an open source NoSQL database has become the de facto standard for building systems with low latency, high-sustainability throughput. Enterprises adopt Couchbase for the unprecedented levels of scale, speed and data variability it consistently offers.