Open Source Database Solutions


We offer a host of enterprise database services to adapt to newer technologies and businesses environments. Being committed to long-term collaborations, we believe in applying insight to deliver innovative solutions to customers’ business needs, in order to provide them with the best of open source technologies. Not just that, we also offer EnterpriseDB certified PostgreSQL courses designed for DBAs and application developers, enabling one to learn about managing database responsibilities.

Here’s a list of the services Ashnik offers:

Backup and Replication Services

Data availability is one of the most critical areas of any IT ecosystem. Reason why, IT Administrators and DBAs generally face these challenges

Database Migration and Upgrade

With the fast pace of technological advances and businesses environments, migration to a new technology or upgrade to the latest (but stable) version often becomes a business need. Though they bring with them benefits of cost savings, better response time, more capacity etc.

Monitoring and Health Check

‘Prevention is better than cure’ as they say about health, is also applicable to database. If you implement the right monitoring tools and carry out regular health checks of your database, you help in minimizing the business downtime. Since database servers are at the core of many business-critical services,

Remote and Annual Maintenance

For many organizations, it can be challenging to recruit and retain full time resources who can support their databases effectively. Although a one-time implementation or migration is covered by professional services, there’s always a struggle to support themselves on an ongoing basis.

Training Services

Ashnik offers EnterpriseDB certified PostgreSQL courses designed for DBAs and application developers. These courses are delivered by certified PostgreSQL experts, enabling you to swiftly learn everything about managing your database responsibilities. Relevant material and labs provided by our training experts help you put your new skills into practice in your own work environment.