At Ashnik, we work closely with technology providers and enterprise users. Thanks to our methodical and process-driven approach, our services help all stakeholders to meet their business objectives in a predefined and timely manner. Here’s a glimpse of some of our key offerings.


Big Data Platform Solutions

Insights from Big Data and Analytics have now become tools for operational and strategic management decision. It is no more just another set of technologies that do the same old things faster. By having access to ‘variety’ and large amount of data brings in newer dimension to insights which hitherto were not available.Today, every organization is thinking of harnessing the power of Big Data and Analytics.

Open Source Database Solutions

EnterpriseDB brings – Postgres Plus Advanced Server with a proven track record that supports large transactional systems for users, world-wide and around the clock. It is built upon and integrates every release of PostgreSQL. EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus solutions let you confidently develop and deploy PostgreSQL-backed applications that scale all the way from embedded solutions to massive OLTP and data warehouse systems that serve thousands of users.

Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration Solution

Interestingly, more and more global companies now are embracing open source technologies. Especially in the infrastructure or middleware domains they are making a positive impact on the organization’s bottomline and growth.
For Ashnik, open source is passion – we bring over a decade of experience that has helped large enterprises to adopt open source solutions for enterprise applications.

Consulting Training

We offer a host of enterprise database services to adapt to newer technologies and businesses environments. Being committed to long-term collaborations, we believe in applying insight to deliver innovative solutions to customers’ business needs, in order to provide them with the best of open source technologies. Not just that, we also offer EnterpriseDB certified PostgreSQL courses designed for DBAs and application developers, enabling one to learn about managing database responsibilities.