EDB Postgres Tech Insights 2018

Tech Insights – The Digital Transformation Series

Data is right at the heart of any digital transformation blueprint. The volume and speed of data being generated today is astonishing. Legacy applications and database technologies are not exactly helping enterprises to bring about the transformation at a speed that is needed to match the development taking place. This is where enterprises are turning to PostgreSQL more than ever.

Postgres – Cornerstone of IT Modernization

Postgres serves as the foundation of a comprehensive approach to change older applications into the next generation applications required today. It has emerged as a database technology that works well with all new age initiatives – microservices architecture, polyglot persistence architecture, hybrid cloud approach, automation and scalable architecture. EDB Postgres’ automated tools and accelerators are effectively helping global enterprises with this transformation.

Tech Insights – The Digital Transformation Series focusses on enabling you with technical insights to digitally transform your organisation. This interactive 3-hour tech event will help you understand how Postgres can help in modernizing your IT.

Know how EDB Postgres integrates with technologies and infrastructures to achieve above initiatives and works well in heterogeneous, database environment, provides alternative to legacy database technologies and integrates well with new age technologies such as Hadoop, NoSQL database, automation tools etc. Most organizations use this advanced data management platform for its reliability, flexibility and for being cost-effective. Yours could be next. Learn more at Tech Insights!

Event Agenda

Opening Note: Digital Transformation: Does it really matter?
Migrating from Legacy Database to Postgres: How, Why and its Advantages
PostgreSQL for Digital Transformation – NoSQL Features, Replication, FDW and more
Tea Break
Keynote by Ed Boyajian – CEO, EDB Postgres
Live Demo – Automating PostgreSQL deployment for massive scale-up
Customer Panel Talk: Challenges and Experiences of IT Modernization
Lunch Break

Tech Insights is an invitation-only event led by senior technology executives from EDB Postgres and Ashnik. Get technical and actionable insights on how to modernize your IT using Postgres. If you’d like to attend this event, request for an invite.

Event Details

Location & Date:
Thu, 30th August 2018
This is an invite only event, it needs pre-registration.
Event Timing:
9.00 am to 9.30 am – Registration
9.30 am to 12.30 pm – Event duration
12.30 pm onwards – Lunch and networking



– Sandeep Khuperkar I CTO & Director, Ashnik

Sandeep Khuperkar is the CTO and Director at Ashnik. He is also responsible in building Ashnik’s India business. He leads Ashnik’s initiatives on solutions development and technology services, using open source technologies for enterprise business. Sandeep brings over 23 years of Industry experience, with 15+ years in open source and building open source and the Linux business model…

Prior to Ashnik, he worked in various leadership capacities at RedHat and IBM. His core strength is working towards building efficient customer centric solutions with relentless passion, and his strong technical skills in managing complex deals and customer engagements across Southeast Asia and India.

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– Kaustubh Patwardhan I Director – Southeast Asia and Hong Kong

Kaustubh Patwardhan is Ashnik’s Director for Southeast Asia (SEA) and Hong Kong. He leads sales, strategy and business development for the region. Kaustubh joined in 2013 and heads Ashnik’s SEA enterprise open source business with responsibility for strategic planning, channels and partners, sales and operations…

He has been instrumental in building Ashnik’s culture which is centered on agility and innovation, aligning it to the core ideology of open source itself. Besides playing a key role in Ashnik’s multi-fold sales growth trajectory, his key accomplishments are building a solid partner ecosystem across the region and being highly responsive on customer engagements.

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– Ashish Nauriyal I Lead Solutions Consultant, EDB Postgres

Ashish is Lead Database Solution Consultant with EDB Postgres. He has 10+ years of database administration and management experience, working directly with customers in a support, consulting and training capacity. Ashish is currently based in Sydney, Australia and has been consulting with customers on their EDB Postgres Database, Oracle to EDB Postgres Database migrations…

replication technologies, disaster recovery planning and highly-available and scalable database deployments. He has in-depth experience with Oracle, PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Plus Advanced Server DBMS technologies. Ashish started working in EDB in 2010 as a Systems Engineer, quickly gaining experience as an EDB Postgres Database, Integration, Management and Migration tool suite’s expert by supporting the production environment for EDB customers. He then strengthened his technical and business-oriented skills by taking the role of Pre-sales Engineer.

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– Sameer Kumar I Senior Solution Architect, Ashnik

Sameer Kumar is the Senior Solution Architect working with Ashnik. Sameer and his team works towards providing enterprise level solutions based on open source and cloud technologies. He has an experience in working on various roles ranging from development to performance tuning and from installation and migration to support and services roles…

Sameer has acquired Professional Certification for his adept skills of PostgreSQL. He is also certified as the IBM DB2 Advanced DBA and was nominated as IBM Champion for his contributions in IBM data community. Besides, he is also experienced in MongoDB, Oracle and SQL Server.

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About EDB

EDB Postgres platform integrates the core EDB Postgres DBMS with adjacent technologies for hybrid cloud management, data integration, and data warehouse. Our customers benefit from the highest performing, most reliable, flexible, open, and cost-effective data management platform available. 17% of the Fortune 500 utilize EDB’s technology and solutions to drive their digital strategies and to address their long-term business and technology requirements. Companies around the globe like ABN AMRO, the American Automobile Association (AAA), Clear Capital, EMC, Ericsson, MasterCard, Netflix, Nokia Siemens, Sony, U.S. Cellular, and many more have turned to EDB and Postgres.

About Ashnik

Ashnik is a Singapore headquartered leading open source solutions provider, with presence across South East Asia, US and India. Ashnik delivers consulting services and solutions based on enterprise open source and big data solutions platform to overcome critical business challenges – enabling enterprises to achieve their digital transformation goals using open source technologies while also enabling the customers’ to keep their operational costs minimal.

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