Docker Whitepaper and Datasheets
Learn about Docker, the leading container platform — Freedom of app choice, agile operations and integrated container security for legacy and cloud-native.
  • Docker Cheat Sheet
  • Build
    Build an image from the Dockerfile in the current directory and tag the image docker build -t myimage:1.0 . List all images that are locally stored with the Docker Engine docker image ls Delete an image from the local image store docker image rm alpine:3.4
  • Understanding Docker Data Storage and Persistence
  • Applications are generally built using three types of infrastructure: compute, networking, and storage. Docker has provided a means to abstract all of these components, greatly increasing the agility and control organizations have around how they build, ship, and run their applications.
    This whitepaper we're going to take a look at:
    • How Docker handles storage
    • How images and containers are built, and what makes them so efficient
    • How to handle the issue of data persistence with Docker
    • Things to consider around storage as organizations look to deploy Docker
  • Making the transition to DevOps
  • This whitepaper answers the necessary questions for you if you are making Docker transition to DevOps :
    • What does DevOps mean and why is it seen as a better way of doing things?
    • Where is a good place for teams to start their DevOps initiative?
    • Where have you seen organizations stumble in their DevOps journey?
    • What are the tough questions teams should ask themselves before launching a DevOps initiative?
    • Share a DevOps success story and why it was a success.
    • When thinking about large technology shifts, how can DevOps enable these dramatic transitions?
    • How are your respective companies participating in the DevOps transition?
  • Introduction to Container Security
  • This whitepaper will introduce you to the security concepts around Linux technology and Docker containers. Key Takeaways Include:
    • How Containers provide an additional layer of protection by isolating between the applications and the host, and between the applications themselves without using incremental resources
    • How Containers and Virtual Machines (VMs) can be deployed together to provide additional layers of isolation and security for application services.
    • How the nature of containers facilitates fast and easy application of patches and updates to the OS, application and infrastructure layers, helping maintain overall security compliance.
  • Docker and the Three Ways of DevOps
  • The goal of all DevOps organizations are the same: to improve the quality and speed at which innovation is delivered. Download the whitepaper to learn about the "The Three Ways of DevOps" and how capabilities of the Docker platform with containerized compute, storage and networking for distributed applications provide promising results when applied to the "Three Ways of DevOps" principles. The Docker platform uniquely allows organizations to apply tools into their application environment to accelerate the rate of change, reduce friction and improve efficiencies.
  • Modern App Architecture for the Enterprise
  • Gone are the days of private datacenters running off-the-shelf software and giant monolithic code bases that you updated once a year. This whitepaper will discuss the drivers towards new software models, the capabilities of the Docker platform, detail the requirements of a CaaS and specify how they are critical to solving core challenges in building, shipping and running apps anywhere.
  • The Definitive Guide To Docker Containers
  • Docker is gaining in popularity beyond open source devotees to large enterprises and even those beyond Linux. Download this guide to get introduced to the Docker technology, containerization, ecosystem and the resulting shift from monolithic to micro services architectures. Reader will get insights on technology trends driving the change to distributed applications, overview of the Docker technology , it's impact to the application delivery ecosystem and the key use cases and benefits