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Database Platform

We design the database platform that meets your requirements and digital goals. We help you install, configure and migrate to Postgres.


Adopting Microservices Architecture but not sure how to? Work with us on how to build a sustainable Microservices Architecture pattern.


Looking for agile and continuous model of software development and delivery? Setup container platform, optimize CI/CD pipeline and a lot more!

Data Pipeline

We help you build an efficient data pipeline, log aggregation and event streaming platform and get actionable insights in real-time.


Ashnik is an authorized Docker training partner. We provide an end-to-end training on Docker Enterprise Edition. Explore Courses.


With hands-on exercise and demos, our Postgres training courses are delivered by experienced & certified PostgreSQL experts. Explore Courses.


Become an expert in MongoDB database built for the modern application developers and the cloud era. Explore Courses.


EnterpriseDB Postgres is the leading provider of enterprise-class PostgreSQL products and services for high-volume, mission-critical applications.

elastic stack

Elastic (ELK) Stack created Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash. This versatile end-to-end stack delivers actionable insights in real time.


A part of F5 Networks, NGINX offers NGINX Plus, NGINX Controller, NGINX WAF and more to deliver APIs and modern applications at scale.


Docker container makes it easy to build, share, and run containerized applications. You can build locally, deploy to the cloud, and run anywhere.


Sysdig converges security with DevOps for cloud native production deployments. Now embed security and performance into your DevOps workflows.


MongoDB is a leading NoSQL database for modern apps. MongoDB Atlas is a cloud database for cloud provider of your choice (AWS, Azure, GCP).


Pentaho’s data integration and analytics platform by Hitachi helps access, prepare, and analyze all data from any source, in any environment.


Couchbase is multi-model NoSQL database that is highly optimized for interactive applications on web, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT).



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